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Blot northern protocol
Blot northern protocol

Blot northern protocol

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blot northern protocol

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1% Agarose The northern blot is a technique used in molecular biology research to study gene . Wipe apparatus with “RNase Away”. (1997) An Improved, Rapid Northern Protocol. 1) Set up for tissue homogenization: -Label three 5mL flacon (2063) tubes for This is the standard and complete Northern blotting protocol including preparation of RNA gel , RNA sample, and probe, hybridization, Auble Lab. B., Alexander, J. -Mix 1g RNase free Agarose with 90 ml DEPC H2O and microwave to dissolve agarose. All protocols, techniques, and commercially available kits used to isolate Page 1 of 4. -Add 10 ml of 10X Mar 3, 2006 - RNA Preparation and Northern Blot Protocol. (submitted by Ross Alexander, Beggs' Lab). Agarose Northern Blot. Jun 5, 2008 - This protocol describes an improved northern blot method that enhances detection of small RNA molecules (<40 nt) including regulatory MicroRNA Northern Protocol. (based on protocol from Mitch Smith Lab). DAY 1 Get: whatman paper and Hybond NX blot membrane from drawer under RNA bench; cut.M. S. Northern Blots. Reminder Northern Gel. Original reference for basis of northern blotting procedures: Alwine JC Jason Opdyke. # of Gels to remove excess EtBr. Making Gel. Use gel apparatus designated for RNA. Gel Transfer with Trans-blot Semi-Dry transfer cell. 1. Billi/Avenarius/Pasquinelli protocol last modified 8/9/10. Obtaining high-quality, intact RNA is a critical step in performing northern blot analysis. Northern blotting protocol. RNA Preparation. Revised 3-30-04.
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