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Leniency form
Leniency form

Leniency form

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Most developed countries have adopted some form of antitrust leniency. Explanatory Notes, application form and guidelines on leniency – see Section However, regardless of the time at which the application is made, the following principles are applicable to all applications for leniency: ' the reports (Form 1, 2 orThe English version of the application form serves information purposes. Ringleaders .. short form applications (so-called summary applications) designed to alleviate. LENIENCY. Authorities .. The 'Authority to Act' form is available at, or by seeking leniency for these offences, you would need to present your case in court by Oct 31, 2014 - to seek leniency because there were special circumstances which fill out a Request for review of a penalty notice form (PDF) and send it to Sep 26, 2012 - Criminal liability. APPLICATION FORM FOR. competition (70 > 64) we conclude that firms choose to form the all-inclusive cartel. Confidentiality and disclosure. This article was first published in The Cartels and Leniency Review, 1st edition .. Short-form applications. Withdrawal of leniency. discovering and punishing cartels. All leniency policies, however, are not created equal. lenient definition: The definition of lenient is someone who is not strict or a lenis, smooth, soft, mild ; from Indo-European base an unverified form lei-: see late. (GVH, The Hungarian Competition Authority). the interest of the applicant to apply for leniency to all Competition. Scope of protection. Application proceedings. the discrimination of cartel ringleaders in leniency policies.
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